Anthony So and his team also lead the Transformative Technologies and Institutions arm of the Johns Hopkins Alliance for a Healthier World.

The Johns Hopkins Alliance for a Healthier World is a University-wide signature initiative that integrates expertise and diverse perspectives from across schools and disciplines to unlock groundbreaking knowledge addressing unresolved global health challenges.

Learn more about how the Alliance stimulates and supports innovation around healthy equity via multidisciplinary events, funding grants, mentorship and strategic communication that bring the Hopkins community together.

The Transformative Technologies and Institutions (TTI) arm aims to support interdisciplinary teams working on discovering, developing and delivering transformative technologies, including the design of innovative platforms, financing mechanisms, and reengineering the healthcare value chain (design, market, produce, deliver and support healthcare services and products, emphasizing quality of care and incorporating efficient use of resources). TTI’s goal is to apply community-user perspectives and systems thinking to improve processes, infrastructure and institutions that enable successful introduction of new technologies focused on reducing health inequities.